I missss Rob

August 20, 2009

And I miss you guys too!!!

I can not WAIT for New Moon!!!!!!!!

You’ve heard the news right? Real life Bella and Edward are totally freakin dating! I mean, c’om, look at this….


OMG of coarse they’re together! I only sit and lean into one man like that, M’s dad 😉

XOXO biatches!


PS will write more. Promise!


Get it Hunnay

July 9, 2009

Whoa. Ever have one of those days where you feel super bitchy and everyone is the f*cking dumbest person you’ve ever met? That’s me today. Last night a bird was outside my window until 2:30 am. How much can I be expected to take? God either hates me or is toying with the fragile strings of my sanity.

My google alerts were FULL of NOTHING good today as far as Twi-news.  Kstew is knocked up by RPatz…YAH OKAY in every 14 year old girl’s dreams. If you believed this you’re stupid and we don’t want you reading our blog.  Apparently, she laughed off the rumor on the set of her new movie and”Rob’s camp” replied,”we don’t comment on anything like that.”  Rob continues to try and make Kstew’s life as difficult as possible by fueling rumors (like he playfully does in one of my fave interviews) by not really denying them, part of the reason he is so near and dear to my little TINY heart.

Got twenty G’s lying around? Don’t know what to spend it on? How about a TWI STAR PARTY! According to E! Some Hollywood Agent is now working with the supporting character stars and whoring them out for party and club appearances. Some 30 yr old heina wants Dr. Cullen at her Bday party in NY. I sooo want to be a fly on that wall after all the “ladies” are three apple martinis down and Jenny Garth is nowhere around to regulate on some bitches.  Anyone have $100,000 I can have (not borrow)? I promise I’ll invite you to the party after I buy them all as friends (the plan is to roofie Kellan, get him, and more importantly his cell phone, in the bedroom, tie him up, AND GET ROBS DIGITS.)

ALSO.. Are you ready for new interview footage of all my friends the stars talking about New Mizzle? I AM. They will ALL be at comic-con Wednesday July 22nd and will appear at 2:15. DANG. I soo would not want to be security working this event.

***Next official New Moon trailer premieres August 14th during the premiere of Vanessa Hudgens new film Bandslam*** An online version will appear after Bandslam’s opening weekend. Everyone get ready for a new precendent…the buying of movie tickets everywhere with the sole purpose of trailer viewing and NOT watching the feature presentation. I predict the highest percentage of movie walk-outs in the history of time Aug. 14th.





C&H, us and Robert Pattinson

July 8, 2009

First off, we are so sorry we haven’t entertained you in almost a month! We’re bad bloggers. We spend our days recuperating from the previous night and the thought about looking at a computer increases the nausea..wait what?

Anywho, I celebrated my birthday a couple weekends ago and where is one of the places we ended up, you ask? Why, at Coach and Horses of corse! Yes, the same whole-in-the-wall, cash only, dive bar that our beloved Rob is seen at when he’s in LA. Duh! So since not all of you will be able to go to a place Rob lets loose at I thought I would fill you in. It was way fun and I could totally picture dorky, lovely RPattz there. Let me share with you what I loved about C&H; whole-in-the-wall, cash only, dive bar, great bartenders, STRONG drinks, friendly drunks, jukebox that plays songs you haven’t heard for at least three years and for the mere fact that ROBERT PATTINSON loves it too!

Upon entering this li’l gem M and I could literally feel that Rob had been there. Then when I sat down at a table I felt like he was so close that I must have sat on the same booth Rob had sat at. That’s the only explanation. Am I right or am I right?

This is where both Robert Pattinson and myself sat.

No, this place was not filled with beautiful people (the majority I wouldn’t have even had a drunken hook up with) and yes, the only reason I went there was because I read Rob had been seen there. And no I didn’t want that getting brought up. But of corse, get some drinks in my friends and they ask the bartender about it. Lets have a listen.

Kelsey-“So is it true Robert Pattinson has come in here?”

bartender-“Ya he has. I haven’t been here when he’s come in but the girl who served him said he was really sweet and a good tipper.”

Then they proceed to talk about what a little cutie Rob is and all the other celebs that have come through. And that other girl is right, Rob really is sweet! Swoon.

*Names of my friends have been changed to protect them from any embarrassment from knowing a girl who writes an all Twi-related blog.

I really had the BEST freakin birthday ever and starting the night off at Rob’s favorite place (is it Rob’s favorite place? I don’t know. I’m just going to pretend it is.) makes me feel closer to him. And I already felt wayyy close to him before.

Lets do a recap of Jstar’s most major one-degree-of-Rob events.

1) Have seen everything he has been in. Yes, all his interviews and even The Bad Mother’s Handbook.

2) Met Rachelle Lefevre, met and took a picture with Smashley Greene and got eye-fucked real good by Kellan Lutz all in the same day! (see previous post)

3) He consumes my every thought.

4) Sat on the same bar booth as Rob had. Ok maybe/maybe not but I was at least in the same dark little bar that our Great Leader has been to. So there!

Share with us your one-degree of Rob story/stories!

All my TwiLove,


I had to share..

June 15, 2009

with all of you lovelys..THE BEST text weve read in a long time from one of our fave sites (textsfromlastnight.com).

The concept of the website is to read one-liner excerpts from other people’s text message conversations that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Our Favorite……

(904): I’ve been awake for 20+ hrs. What does that mean? I just realized if BSB were Twilight characters, Brian would be Jake and Howie would be Edward based on the video for “Everybody”. That’s unsettling.
(1-904): It’s unsettling that you took the time to think about that.




M & J

New Moon picture time!

June 12, 2009

Before I show you the latest added to my TwiPhoto album check this shit out! It’s BTS from New Moon! Yay, our favorite, but not a whole lot of stuffs goin on. Sitting around in the garage, talking to the director, ya know. BUT because it’s NM related you have to watch it. I decided.

He STILL a child ladies!

He's STILL a child ladies!

MTV Movie Awards. This ones for M.

MTV Movie Awards. This ones for M.

Go ahead and photoshop yourself over Kstew....that's what I did...

Go ahead and photoshop yourself over Kstew....no, that's not what I did...

Smashley, you look like a drunk bitch. Loves it!

Smashley, you look like a drunk bitch. Loves it!



Oh fuck ya! And this is what baby RPattz grew into. Thank the gods!

Oh fuck ya! And this is what baby RPattz grew into. Thank the gods!

She's been seen around driving this Mini so now I speed to get next to every black Mini in the LA area and totally stare into the window like a creep.

She's been seen around driving this Mini so now I speed to get next to every black Mini in the LA area and totally stare into the window like a creep.

WTF Eric? You mean your not really a dorky Asian kid? You look alittle metro, I like kinda.

WTF Eric? You mean your not really a dorky Asian kid? Nice tribal tat and you look alil metro, I like kinda.

Last but not least, Rob you are NEVER allowed to do this to us again..


This is just awful. He’s already so white and he’s wearing plaid and now a goddamn baseball hat too? You look like the creepy hicks who hit on beautiful girls at gas stations. Stop it.

I love you guys.



Oh and thanks for the pictures People and MyParkMagazine for the pictures!


June 10, 2009

Direct Quote from a People.com story posted today….

Kristen and Rob Have Chemistry – On and Off Screen
The pair – who play a couple on screen – were seen smooching in Vancouver recently, but their cast mates insist there is no hot-and-heavy romance – yet, anyway. 
Okay, where is this person who witnessed the alleged “smooch”? They need to be interviewed by Barbara Walters or Larry King ASAP. Normally I wouldn’t believe this and I would just brush it under my twilight beach towel but People.com doesn’t lie.  They have been a 100% reputable source for like..at least the last 21 years.

ALSO…If you’ve been online today, you know KSTEW chopped off her hair for her Joan Jett biopic with Dakota Fanning, The Runaways.


According to the Examiner, James Franco and Robert Pattinson are both up for the role of the late Jeff Buckley,  the singer-songwriter son of Tim Buckley. Jeff had a cult following for years before he finally achieved mainstream success with his first and only studio album, the breathtaking Grace.  Then one day at the age of 30, he wandered into Wolf river for what continues to be debated as either a swim or an intentional drowning. His body was recovered several days later.Why does this not suprise me? Dreamy HS Wizard, Gay Spanish artist, Moral Vamp, Socially inept musician, Now a suicidal one… I kind of want to see him in a not so indie or fantasy role next…. like, he should play himself, in my bed, handcuffed…

New Moon Questions on the MTV redcarpet incase you missed it.

And Lastly, on Kstew dropping the popcorn award Peter Facinelli says, according to Fanbolt, “That’s just Kristen. I think she has that shaky knee syndrome and that’s part of her charm.” Continues Facinelli, “I think being mind-blown about it isn’t the same as being uncomfortable with it.” Finally, says he, “I think she’s got a real charm and grace about her, and I think she really is settling into it.” (her fame)

My social life is calling and I have to make a quick exit! more tomorrow!!!


Peter Facinelli

June 9, 2009

Have you seen Nurse Jackie on Showtime? It premiered on June 8th. Well anyway, our beloved Dr. Cullen has a new series out (technically it’s Edie Falco’s series but hes in it) where he plays a doctor (go figure). But even though Facinelli doesn’t play a doc who is also a “gentle leader” vampire he makes up for it by playing a doctor who grabs breast due to his “tourette’s response to stress”. Nurse Jackie is so lucky!

So as much as I’d loved to be seen/treated/taken out to dinner by Dr. Cullen, Dr. Cooper is a great substitute until New Moon comes out.

Sorry for the half ass TwiNews update. Maybe a lil confession on my part will make up for it.

Confession: A couple of Halloweens ago I took a shit load of shots with this really drunk girl who I went to high school with. And by that I mean I poured vodka in her shot glass and water in mine about six times. Needless to say she was beyond intoxicated and ended up falling face first. Opps.

-Jstar (God I’m a bitch.)


June 8, 2009

OH. EM. GEE. It’s has been so long since I’ve blogged.  Jstar and I are awful and lame (well she is). I promise we will be back in action regularly very VERY soon.  In the mean time, keep watching the NM teaser trailer mulitple times whenever possible (“you are my only reason to stay…alive..if that’s what I am” *SWOON*), finish up organizing your trip to NY this summer to “accidently run into” Rob, and please continue speculating about a real possible romance between our leading actors.

 STORY TIME. This morning I woke up Jstar from a long night out.  Eyes still closed, voice still raspy, her first halfway conscious words were “buffy was like the first original Bella Swan”.

After I died laughing and she came to, I reminded her of what she had just said to which she replied, “shits true though”.

OH How I’ve missed you all.



You're welcome.

You're welcome.

TwiHards and Their Tattoos

May 16, 2009

So apparently some of you fans out there are getting fanpire inspired tattoos.

Here’s what I found.





Oh and the ultimate Robert Pattinson crazy, die-hard fan award goes to….drum role please……This chick!skdjflksj

Uh…..well OK then.

Yesterday when I was doing my Twisearch for this post I thought, “Wow, people are truly fucking crazy.” I mean c’om. I really like the movie Memoirs of a Geisha but I’m not going to get a Kyoto maiko tat’d on me. But then last night  (while heavilyintoxicated) I kept thinking what a great idea Twi-inspired tats are and that I should totally get one! I am so glad that it was too late (or early, depending on how you look at it) for any good tattoo parlor to be open. I probably would have woken up with something similar to this….


Fuck that. Thank God (or Buddha or Satan, or whoever you worship) that I have friends to stop me friend making stupid decisions.



Doin the KSTEW

May 14, 2009

I’m blogging and watching The Wedding Planner  with Jennifer Lopez with my sunglasses on and wearing UCLA shorts and thigh high grey socks. I’m drinking Dr. Pepper and thinking about  eating pretzels with cream cheese.

I’m pulling a KStew right now. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not.